Sachen Foundation in collaboration with the network of Sakya temples and centers is working on preserving and archiving the precious teachings and translations of the Sutrayana and Vajrayana. For the benefit of practitioners everywhere we are openly and freely making available a library of Mahayana teachings, prayer books, and a directory  linking you to a treasury of Sakya resources compiled by centers across the globe.

In the future we intend to make available, to authorized Sakya centers and affiliated translators, texts and materials of the Vajrayana as a means to aid centers, such as in preparation for empowerments, and assist translators in their endeavors.

Please feel free to download any publicly available material. Donations made to the Foundation when downloading a text will go towards providing grants for future translation work and sponsoring the next generation of aspiring monastic and lay translators.

The Archive – Hosted by Sachen Foundation

We are providing these Mahayana prayers and practice texts as digital downloads to make it easier for practitioners and dharma centers to access and utilize. The texts are hosted by Sachen Foundation as part of our archiving project and are generally affiliated with the Sakya tradition. In most cases applicable prayer books are displayed in a format conducive for printing and binding. Please enjoy and return often as we update and add to our expanding library of archived texts.

Sakya Resource Directory

The directory provides primary source materials collected and published by Sakya temples and dharma centers from around the globe in various languages. The directory links students and practitioners to a wide variety of textual, audio, and visual resources to aid them in their studies and practices.