His Holiness the 41st Sakya Gongma Trichen Rinpoche said,
“Drops of water can accumulate into an ocean.”

Merit Multiplying Days​

5/23 Shakyamuni Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment & Mahaparinirvana (Saga Dawa Düchen)

7/9 First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma (Chökhor Düchen)

11/22  Descent from Trāyastriṃśa (Lhabab Düchen)

  • Full Moon & New Moon

  • Medicine Buddha/Tara Day

  • Guru Rinpoche & Dakini days

  • Anniversaries and Birthdays of the holy gurus.

On these days, the effects of positive and negative actions are multiplied.

Download the Sakya Calendar on Android or IOS for a complete listing of auspicious days

Like drops of water that accumulate into an ocean, donations like yours contribute to fulfill the vision of the Sachen Foundation; it is because of such generous support that the ocean-like activities of dharma can continue to be accomplished and flourish.  

As we all know, in order to attain Buddhahood, one must complete both the accumulation of merit and wisdom. A pure offering to the Three Jewels with the right motivation, despite all else, is an excellent way to accumulate merits. Your donation to Sachen Foundation creates opportunities to provide:

Dharma education to the monastic sangha

Dharma education to lay practitioners

Grants to publish Dharma books

Translation works, and more...

Just as a small apple seed can give rise to a great result—a large fruit bearing tree—through such small acts of generosity you too can contribute towards the greater vision and works of the Sachen Foundation and in the process accumulate great merits. 

We look forward to you accompanying us on this path of noble activities. Together, may we continue to work on preserving and passing on the Buddha’s teachings.

For more information on Sachen Foundation’s activities and our past and current grantees please visit our Annual Reports.

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