Jamyang Losel

Jamyang Losel has been a student of the Buddha-dharma since age 15. In 2011 he graduated from the George Washington University in D.C. with a B.S. in Statistics & Economics. It is there, during his matriculation, that he was introduced to his first teacher Khenpo Kalsang Gyaltsen and shortly thereafter became a student of His Holiness the Sakya Trichen.

In 2014 he withdrew from his MPH graduate studies to pursue his aspiration and calling to join the monastic order—that fall, he received getsul ordination from H.E. Luding Khenchen Jamyang Tenpei Nyima Rinpoche at Ngor Monastery in Manduwala, India. 

Jamyang retired from secular employment in 2021 to pursue and devote his time to dharmic studies and practice. Prior to his ‘retirement’, he was a public servant for nearly 12 years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, working as a statistician and program analyst in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Jamyang is also a founder, former Vice President, Treasurer, and Financial Advisor of the Delta Tau Delta (ΔΤΔ), Gamma Eta Chapter (ΓΉ) fraternity. Overall, Jamyang brings to Sachen Foundation a culmination of over 13 years of experience and expertise in leadership, analytics, and financial & project management.

At Sachen Foundation, Jamyang serves at the pleasure of His Holiness the 42nd Sakya Trizin and the foundation in various capacities: In 2019 he was appointed to serve as a team member of the Sachen Archive Initiative; and, in 2020 he was appointed a member of the board and as chair of the Communications Committee.

Jamyang is currently a student of the International Buddhsit Academy’s ‘Complete Path’ program. In 2021 he will be undertaking Tibetan translation and interpreter training at the Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo Translation Program in Dharamsala, India.