To Support the Buddhist Monastic Education of Monks and Nuns

By engaging full time in study, contemplation, and performing rituals, monastics devote their lives to upholding the noble teachings of the Lord Buddha. The monastic community also plays a vital role for the lay Buddhist community and general public by providing teachings, transmission, and guidance. In order to ensure the continuity of monasticism, for the benefit of the future generations, Sachen Foundation is setting up a cash reserve to support the education of monks and nuns.

Our initial aim is to raise $700,000 to fund the yearly educational expenses of select monasteries for 10 years. The initial recipients will include the Sakya Monastery in Kalimpong (India), the Sakya Monastery in Ulanbatar (Mongolia), the Sakya Centre monastery in Dehradun (India), and the Sakya Nunnery in Dehradun (India). Support will be extended to additional monasteries and nunneries in the future, depending on availability of funds. Eventually, we strive to create a fund to generate a steady source of income for the yearly educational expenses of monasteries and nunneries.

To Support Buddhist Education for Children and Lay Practitioners Through Developing Curriculum and Educational Materials

In this interconnected and challenging world we live in, it is vital to start nurturing children at young age with basic Buddhist teachings on mindfulness, kindness, and compassion. We are planning to develop children’s curriculum and teaching materials, with activities based on Buddha’s teachings, that can be used by parents, Buddhist centers, and teachers. Another curriculum, focused in the Sakya tradition, will also be created to provide a graduated path for adult students in the study and practice of Buddhism in general. To accomplish this, we will setup a cash reserve of $200,000 to fund the development of this curriculum for children and adult lay practitioners.

To Preserve the Buddhist Teachings (Sakya Tradition in Particular) Through Archiving, Publishing, and Translating Teachings and Practice Texts

The precious teachings of the Lord Buddha, various great Sakya masters, and masters of different traditions, are the authentic sources of Dharma that we rely on. It is the wish of His Holiness Ratna Vajra Rinpoche to collect, preserve, translate, and publish many of the rare texts that are in danger of being lost. This will support lay practitioners and centers through the publication of practice texts and teachings, and preserve, in different types of media, the teachings of great contemporary masters, for the benefit of all current and future aspiring Buddhists. To achieve this aim, the Foundation is committed to raise $200,000 to fund these projects according to the priorities that His Holiness Ratna Vajra Rinpoche will identify.