The Sachen Fund

Sachen Foundation’s primary fundraising goal at this initial stage is to grow the principal “Sachen Fund” to one million US dollars by December 31, 2019. All donations made by December 31, 2019 will be accumulated into the Sachen Fund.

Your donations to the Sachen Fund will be matched dollar for dollar by a charitable fund up to one million dollars, potentially doubling the Sachen Fund to two million US dollars. All donor names and amounts will be published in our Annual Report (unless donors indicate otherwise). No amount is too small, and every donation counts.

Income generated from the Sachen Fund’s principal amount will ensure that we can continue awarding annual grants, supporting the vision of the Sachen Foundation.

Investment Statement

Sachen Foundation Revenue Planning and Investment Committee (the “Committee”) works closely with Isabel Pedrosa, the Chairperson of Khyentse Foundation Investment Committee. Ms. Pedrosa is founder and managing partner of Gesar Capital Management, a Registered Investment Advisor.

Currently, the primary objective for the investment of the Sachen Foundation is to preserve capital while providing for the long-term growth of principal without undue exposure to risk.  Specifically, the funds are invested in short term investment grade CDs.  This is to provide a stable source of liquidity to support the mission of the Foundation while the Foundation raises funds.

The Committee will review the investment strategy quarterly. As the Foundation funds grow, the Committee will review and modify its investment strategy and asset allocation as needed.  While acknowledging the importance of preserving capital, the Committee also recognizes the need of accepting a reasonable degree of risk.  The long term goal is to diversify and add risk in order to provide for growth in principal while simultaneously generate sufficient income to support the Foundation’s grantmaking activities.